DNA Diet Testing

DNA testing for weight loss nz


Both these Fitgenes Genetic Profiles are excellent if you are looking for DNA testing for fitness and weight loss

Carb Choice Profile

Carb Choice Dna Test offers specific information about how your body responds to Starches from Carbohydrate and tells you how much you should be eating for a healthy weight and overall good Health.

It tests the genetic variation present in the AMY 1 gene which influences how your body breaks down and processes starch.

You get dietary guidelines specific for you and information on what foods reduce the activity dna diet testing nzof this gene and what foods increase its activity.

There are also exercise guidelines for you.

Health and Wellbeing Profile.

health and wellbeing genetic profileThis Health DNA test looks at diet and exercise with every gene tested.

It gives specifics of the most beneficial foods for you and answers as to why you may find it difficult to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Some gene variants will make you want to snack more.Some may make you want to snack more in the evening. Genetic variants can make you favour savoury or sweet foods and can make you desire fatty foods to feel satisfied.  Knowing your genetic variant on the FTO gene for example, will tell you how much protein you actually do need. It is interesting to note if you have too much protein in  your diet for what is right for  your body,it has an inflaming affect and can make you put on  fat weight. Its not just all about fat and carbs.

This will also happen with variants in some of the inflammatory genes. Certain variants will put you at risk for having a  have a low microflora  along with increased risk for gluten sensitivity and increased stress response. All these factors will influence  how easy it is to put on weight and how hard it is to loose weight.  It is interesting to note there are certain species of gut flora that have be shown in studies to assist in loosing fat ,particularly gut fat.

Obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult.There are so many diets out there its hard to know where to begin. Knowing your own responses to foods as directed from your DNA will give you the key to finally having success .