Functional Medicine

functional medicine testing

Functional Medicine (FX)  is the field of medicine which involves the use of specialised laboratory tests.

Functional tests give full and comprehensive information on a huge range of health issues allowing for a more accurate diagnosis and therefore a more targeted treatment.It focuses on the root cause of disease and allows for a more holistic approach to regaining health.

I offer a range of Functional Medicine Tests and these can be particularly useful when health problems have been unresolved for a long period of time and more in depth information is required.

There are no FX laboratories in New Zealand and therefore tests are sent to Australia or the USA where there are specialist Functional Medicine laboratories.

All Functional medicine tests require a consultation once the  test results are through.It is imperative that results are interpreted accurately and with relevance to you and your health situation. Consultations can be done via skype , by phone or in the clinic.

Functional Medicine Tests Available  

Adrenal Cortex Stress Profile  

Are you feeling exhausted and loosing your ability to cope with stress.?   Adrenal Health is crucial for us coping with our busy and often stressful lives and  imbalances of the key adrenal hormones can leave us feeling rundown and burnt out. Read More

Comprehensive Thyroid Profile

The Thyroid gland influences nearly every cell in the body as well has having crucial roles in  controlling  metabolic rate and energy levels. Unfortunately Thyroid disorders remain one of the most under diagnosed health conditions resulting in patients having to live with  many of the debilitating symptoms .Read More

Complete Microbiome Mapping

More and more information is coming out about how crucial good gut health is to all aspects of our Health . This test gives a comprehensive overview of your microbiome and is particularly useful if you have digestive disorders, autoimmune conditions or are interested in having Great health.  Read More

Hair Mineral AnalysisHair Mineral Analysis

Are you concerned about heavy metal toxcity ?

Do you wonder whether you are getting enough minerals in your diet?

This Hair Test Analysis  17 key minerals and 18 toxic metals. Read More

MTFR Gene Mutation

This is a genetic variation which makes it very difficult to absorb your B vitamins including folic acid. This can be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and other health risks including elevated Homocysteine levels in the body. Read More

SIBO Breath Test

The SIBO Breath Test is an easy to perform test which identifies bacteria overgrowth in the small intestine. Read More

Organic Acids Profile

The Organic Acids profile is a great test when you feel generally unwell and are not sure where to start with your health journey. Read More

Comprehensive Stool Analysis

There are a range of CDSA Tests available

This gives flexibility depending on what your health needs are. Read More

DUTCH Hormone Test

(Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones)

Precision Analytical USA offer a range of hormone tests depending on your needs.Read More


Functional Medicine TestingAll Functional tests need to be accompanied with a Naturopathic Consultation as it is vital the tests are interpreted accurately.

This can be done over skype or in the clinic in Rotorua. Once the test results arrive I will contact you to schedule an appointment.

If you are unsure which test would be right for you then please contact me.  It is important the test is relevant to your health situation so you get most benefit from the results

The test kits are non refundable once you have used the kit and sent it off to the lab for testing. If you decide to cancel the test before you have used the kit ,your money will be refunded once the Kit has been returned. There will be a $65 adminstration fee charged.

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