DUTCH Hormone Test

DUTCH   (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones)

Precision Analytical USA offer a range of hormone tests depending on your needs.

Hormones change as we age but they are also susceptible to imbalances through nutrient deficiencies ,stress and also environmental toxicity. Symptoms come in many forms and can be anything from mood swings to headaches to loss of confidence. Because hormones control so much of how our body functions ,imbalances can have immense impact on your daily lives. Tests which analyse one or two hormones can be of little help when our hormones are much more complicated in their interactions than what a test like that would reveal.

The DUTCH tests are invaluable when you really want to know what is happening hormonally in your body.

  •    Do you suffer from PMT?
  •    Do you think you may be peri menopausal or menopausal but aren’t sure?
  •    Are you having trouble conceiving?
  •    Do you feel out of sorts and have trouble coping ?

The Dutch hormonal profiles give a unique insight into this important interactive hormonal interplay which effects your body at every moment of every day.

DUTCH Complete

This tests the adrenal hormones (11), melatonin, , creatine (4), progesterone (2) oestrogen metabolites and ratios(9),  androgens (8), neurotransmitter metabolites(3) and nutritional organic acids(3) 41 markers in total.DUTCH Hormone Test

DUTCH Plus (Complete and CAR)

This test includes the Hormones from The DUTCH complete along with CAR which is Cortisol awakening response.

This gives extra information on adrenal function particularly the body’s immediate response to stress.

DUTCH Complete with Cycle Mapping

This test measures the hormones over an entire cycle which therefore tracks the fluctuations of the different hormones at the different times of the month.

The markers form the DUTCH complete are included giving a comprehensive evaluation of your hormone status.

The cycle mapping is particularly useful for issues around irregular bleeding, infertility and general issues around hormonal imbalance.

35 Hormones are tested along with their metabolites.