Adrenal Cortex Stress Profile

Adrenal health is crucial for coping with busy and often stressful lives. Adrenal fatigue can be caused by  long term stress or nutritional deficiencies which results in imbalances of the key adrenal hormones .

This profile  tests DHEA’s and Cortisol levels at 4 key times through the day. Also secretory IgAAdrenal Fatique

Are you feeling exhausted and loosing your ability to cope with stress.?

The health of the adrenal glands is crucial for maintaining energy , controlling inflammation, healthy digestion, strong immune system  and an overall healthy hormone balance. The adrenal glands also affect sleep patterns and the ability to have a healthy weight.

Stress both physical and emotional will impact on healthy Adrenal function and can result in symptoms of extreme anxiety and burnout. If symptoms are prolonged then it can lead to depression and chronic fatigue.  

Do you feel like your get up and go has got up and gone!

There can be many causes of fatigue but modern lifestyles are contributing to an increase in the prevalence of this growing health condition  called Adrenal fatigue.

This test is incorporated into the DUTCH Hormone tests but is also offered as a stand alone test.