How To Do Your Gene Test


genetic health testing kitThe first step in how to do a DNA test is to contact me either by email or ringing the clinic. It is important to leave your contact details including a phone number  I can call you on.

At this stage you may have decided which DNA genetic testing profile you would like to do, or you may have decided to do both. If you are unsure we can discuss this and I can answer any questions.

If you are local you may prefer to come in to the clinic to get the DNA test done, I will make a time for you , or I can send the kit out to you at your home.

The DNA Kit will need to be paid for before I can send the kit out.

This can be done by online banking or by credit card.


Once you have received the DNA test kit you can read over the information so you are completely clear about how the test is done.  I will also send you a link to a video showing step by step how to do a DNA testDNA Test Kit

The test is done using a swab which is rubbed on the inside of your cheek for approximately a minute. Maximum DNA collection occurs when the swab is rubbed on the inside of both cheeks and underneath the upper or lower lip.

The instructions are very clear and it’s an easy test to perform. If you do have any questions you can contact me.

There are two copies of the consent form in the kit which you have to sign. One form goes in the courier parcel with the DNA sample and the other needs to be scanned and emailed back to me.

Once you have completed the DNA collection it is placed with the other completed information in the pre paid addressed courier bag and sent to Nutrisearch in Napier. They send the test onto Fitgenes in Australia.

The test should be kept in the fridge until you are able to courier the parcel.


DNA test resultsOnce the DNA test results have been sent to me I will contact you and arrange a time either via skype or in the clinic, to go over the results .I also do an additional report with extra information to go along with the Fitgenes report.