Health Benefits of DNA Testing

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It’s true you can’t change your genes but you can definitely affect their expression and therefore influence your health dramatically with the right nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices.

There isn’t a one size fits all panacea for health as we are all uniquely different so how do we know what’s right for us?

We get half our genes from each parent, but what half did we get? If we are adopted then often there is no way of knowing our family health history.

Genetic testing can give us a glimpse into our health information that could potentially impact dramatically our children’s health as well as our own.

Genetic Testing for Disease Predisposition

This allows us to have the control on our health outcomes in a practical and effective way .It takes the guesswork out and gives us the tools to reduce our risk of chronic disease and the potential to live a long and healthy and wellbeing genetic profile

  •        What are my health risks?
  •        What can I do to reduce those risks?
  •        How can I reach my health potential?
  •        What food should I be eating?
  •         What is the best exercise for me and what time of the day would be best for me exercise?
  •         I can’t lose weight. Could the information from a DNA profile test help me with weightloss?

These and so many more questions are answered in the DNA Test for Health and Wellbeing and The Carb Choice DNA Test

Genetic Profile Test

Your  personalised gene test offers a profound insight into how your body responds to its environment.

The information is so powerful, it allows you to understand your body and influence your health and wellbeing in ways never before possible.