Health Benefits of DNA screening

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Benefits of A Genetic/DNA Test

Advances in modern medicine have bought us to this unique position where we can get an insight into our genetic blueprint and get a real feel for what makes us tick.

What are our strengths and what are our weaknesses and what do we need to do to have vibrant health with low risk of chronic disease.?

We get half our genes from each parent but what have we inherited from our Mum and Dad?

Gene/Dna testing allows us to take control of our health and how we age, more than anything that has been available to us before.

Genetic expression is modifiable, but unless we know is happening at the DNA level ,its all a bit of guesswork.Once  we have the information from a Health and wellbeing profile and /or carb choice, we have the tools to ensure healthy gene expression and inhibit those genes which contribute to the chronic diseases that plague our society.

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