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Natural Health is evolving, and we were incredibly excited when Fitgenes Genetic Health Profiles became available in New Zealand.

The Genetic profiles offer the ultimate in preventative medicine and empower you to really take control of your health.

We Specialise in Gene testing for:DNA mapping

Health and Wellbeing – Do You want to be full of energy and feel healthy and vibrant?

Diet – Do you want to know what foods you should really be eating? No gimmicks or fads.

Disease PreventionDo you want to know how to avoid getting one or more of the many chronic diseases out there in society and lessen your risk of any strongly inherited family diseases? 

Weightloss –  Matching diet, exercise, and lifestyle to your genes is the key to long-term weight loss success. Do you want to know why some diets work for some but not for others?. Why you can do so much exercise and eat very little but still not lose weight? 

Healthy AgeingHealthy ageing is about living longer but living well. Having great vitality, low disease risk, good memory, and good mobility make life as you age a joyous, happy time. Knowing your genetics can give you the health and energy you always wanted to have as you reach retirement and beyond.

 Annette Charles Naturopath


Annette Charles  Naturopath BHSc( Comp Med)ND

I am a Natural Medicine Practitioner with over 30 years of experience in clinical practice.

We currently have a clinic in Rotorua, before that owned a Natural Therapies Clinic and Day Spa, which was run on Naturopathic philosophies.

I have a holistic approach to health, and in my clinic, I use a range of therapies, including Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Bio-Energy Medicine, and Nutritional Biochemistry.

My qualifications include;

  •           Diploma in Natural Medicine
  •         DNA diet testing nz  BHSc (Complementary Medicine)
  •           Fitgenes Accredited Practitioner
  •           SCIO Practitioner
  •           Frequency Specific Microcurrent Practitioner
  •           Bowen Therapy Practitioner
  •           Cranial Sacral Therapist


“Doing the gene tests has literally changed my life and my health. I decided to do both genetic profiles to give me as much information as possible. Knowing my own genetic strengths and weaknesses is so empowering. I now know what kinds of things I need to do to be the healthiest I can be. The reports gave me info on foods, exercise and also what supplements would benefit me. I can target my exercise training more effectively and not waste money on vitamins I don’t need, but focus on what would benefit me the most. I thoroughly recommend both gene profiles.”        – Brooke Houghton Wellington.